Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"New" crib!

I FINALLY set up missy Miss's crib! I was waiting until her room was done but I give up! should have done this a long time ago! She sleeps so good in it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


For some time now i have been meaning to write down some of Hannah's funny little quirks that she has so far. She does so many funny little things that just make me smile. She is definitely unique in her own special way.

• She does NOT like to be swaddled. Even as a tiny newborn she hated when the nurses swaddled her. Spencer even said that in the nursery all the other babies were crying because they were not swaddled, nit Hannah. She just laid there sprawled out Just chilling.

•She doesn't do this anymore, but up until she was two months old she would bury her head in the crook of my arm after she was done nursing. I looked so funny!

•She is so so so busy that she is constantly on the move! Even if she is nursing! The whole time she is either playing with my face/nose/lips/hair, plays with my necklace twiddling it between her fingers, or petting my arm. It's so funny she really can't sit still!

•she is a momma's girl! Has been since she was a tiny baby. So much that she was trying to scoot along the floor at 10 weeks old in order to get to me! She couldn't quite use her arms yet so she looked like a little inch worm.

•She does not like me to cover her up while nursing. I can put a blanket on her as long as it is below her shoulder. If I ever try to cover her arm (or head when i'm trying to be discreet) she will fling it off with her arm.

•she is so determined to get up and run that as soon as she learns one skill she is literally trying to figure out the next before she has even mastered one. For example a month ago just finally figured how to use her arm while scooting on her belly using And the next thing I know she is trying to crawl. She only did the whole army crawling for about a week! I swear she is going to be walking soon! (7 months)

•she is THE. LIGHTEST. SLEEPER in the world!! The smallest tiniest noise wakes her up. Makes it a little difficult for nap time.

•whenever she sees people she puts her hand up in the air almost as if she is saying "hi". I really think she is too, a few times I've told her to say hi and she does it! (7 months)

• she HATES the carseat! She wishes she she could just stand at the car window and lick it.

These are the quirks so far, I'm sure I'll add more to this list as this little busy bee sassy pants gets bigger!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

7 months!

Sassy Sister! You are 7 months old today! Oh boy! It seems like I was just writing about your sixth month! Craziness! You have learned so much in the past few weeks! And the things you started to learn a month ago you have perfected! Here are your newest tricks.

~You are REALLY good at pulling yourself up on things now! If you see anything that might possibly be a good spot to pull up on you try it out! Sometimes it doesn't work out so well but have no fear! You quickly find something else!
~you are VERY quick with the army crawl! Especially if you see something that looks good enough to shove into your mouth (which you are also very quick to do) You see THE.SMALLEST.THINGS! I don't even see them until you quickly head toward it.
~ Apparently the whole scooting on your belly is old news, even though you just mastered it TWO weeks ago! You are already starting to try crawling on your knees. You will do a couple strides on your knees, but then you go back to the belly since it's quicker. I am sure you will have it down soon (too soon if you ask me!)
~You have become pro at pushing yourself into sitting position from your belly and back again.
~ You have started to sign "milk". You sign it pretty much every time you are hungry. Love it!
~You have started to like other people and you really try to engage them with the biggest smile and leaning towards them. You will even let others (even complete strangers) hold you.

You have grown and learned so much in such a short time! A lot of those things you learned seriously happened within a week! I can't believe how fast you are learning new things! You are very determined and have no fear!

Love ya baby girl!

Friday, April 27, 2012


The past month or two Daddy and I have been signing to you whenever we say specific words. (Mommy, Daddy, milk/nurse, all done, more and etc.)  About a month ago you started signing Daddy, we weren't sure if you were actually signing it but then Daddy walked into the room and you put your hand to your forehead! So we think you really are doing it!

Now the past week you have been signing milk, a lot! I finally got it on video too!

I love that you are actually learning and doing the signs that I am teaching you! It is so fun watching you figure them out and it makes me want to start signing a lot more words to you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Here comes trouble!

Dear Hannah,

You are only 6 MONTHS you should not be doing this stuff already! Looks like we need to start baby proofing and lowering your bed!

I sat  you in your bed while I ran to the bathroom real quick and came back in to find that you had pulled yourself up on your knees! I couldn't believe my eyes! I laughed and you fell down trying to look at me. So I sat you back in your bed and you did it again, this time you pulled yourself into standing position! Oh my goodness! You are a very strong willed and sturdy little girl! We are going to have our hands full!

Just make sure it wasn't a fluke I have put you in your bed multiple times, each time you do it over and over again! Looks like you are going to keep me on my toes!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Half a year?!

Dear Hannah,

Happy Half birthday! I can't believe you have been in our lives for HALF of a YEAR now! I don't think I like how fast time is flying! I know I keep saying this but it is a very bittersweet thing that you are growing up so fast! Its not fair that it seemed forever for you to get here and now that you are here time is going quick!

It is so much fun watching you grow and develop. I am constantly amazed! I love seeing your little personality show as well. You get sassier and more determined everyday! I love it! You are also the biggest Momma's girl and becoming more so everyday as well! I think you would be truly happy if you could just be connected to my hip.

Here are some other fun things about you at this age!

  • you LOVE kids and babies! Any time you see one you screech with excitement!
  • you love to eat pretty much anything I give you but your favorites are bananas, eggs, and popsicles! You also love to drink out of your sippy cup but ONLY if you can do it yourself.
  • In fact you want to do EVERYTHING by yourself! I think you will be much more content when you figure out how!
  • You are starting to figure out how to scoot around. You have been able to for awhile now, but you are finally getting a hang of how to work your arms. 
  • You are sitting like a pro. You figured that out a month ago!
  • You love Daddy, Savannah, Jakey, Grandma and Millie right now ( and of course Mommy!)
  • You decided to surprise us by pulling yourself up to standing position in your bed! We had to lower it to keep you from falling out
  • You love to walk around. If I pick you up to carry you I have a very unhappy baby. 
  • We discovered your love of music the other day! We used to sing to you at night so apparently you liked it more than we thought!
  • You sign "Daddy" whenever you see him! 
You are keeping us very entertained with so many other things that you do these days! The list could go on and on! We love our little sassy pants so much! Life wouldn't be the same without you!

Six months Stats:
16 lbs 12 oz
26 1/2 " long

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yummy Yummy in My Tummy

Dear Hannah,

Today we gave you your FIRST "solid" food {besides the little tastes of stuff Uncle Justin and your grandma gave you without mommy knowing}. You didn't hate it but you didn't love it, you were just interested. You didn't even really make too many faces like I was expecting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can't believe it!

One year ago today I found out the most exciting news, today was the day I found out I was going to have a baby! I was going to have you! I remember the day so clear, almost like it was yesterday.  I remember peeking at the pregnancy test expecting to see a negative but instead with great unbelief, seeing a very light second line. I could not believe it! I was smiling so big, but I still could not believe it. I had to take a few more tests to convince myself. Finally  a few {okay maybe five} tests later I finally convinced myself it was true! No words could describe my excitement!

 Waiting for your arrival seemed like an eternity, and now you are here laying in my arms! It so hard to believe your arrival seemed so far away and now as I look back I can't believe how fast time went. Now you are my big 3 month old {almost four!} You have quite the little personality! You are such busy baby  and you keep me on my toes! You are very opinionated as well! We love you so much sweet girl! I can't believe you are mine forever! I still can't believe it was just one year ago that we learned of our little blessing growing inside of me!

Love you Princess

Friday, January 13, 2012

Miss Independent

Dear Hannah,

You have become our little Miss Independent ALREADY{?}. Once upon a time you would let me rock you to sleep or snuggle you until you fell asleep. NOW you just won't allow it. Somedays you will still let me but for the most part you would prefer that I just lay you down in your bed. You don't even cry. As soon as I lay you down for your nap or bedtime you nod off pretty quick. Its a little bitter sweet for me. I love that you can fall asleep all by yourself, but I also miss being able to snuggle with you until you head to dream land. Although I won't complain, I am just happy you fall asleep so easily! No need to let you cry yourself to sleep {which I totally disagree with and never would do so anyways!}

Sweet dreams my love!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Music to my ears!

Dear Hannah,

Today you laughed for the first time! It was so stinking cute!!! I was playing with your cute little fit {that I cannot get enough of} and you just let out the cutest laugh! I wanted to get it on video, but there was no video camera near by and I was having too much fun to stop and find one! Grandma was able to get a picture though :)